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Couples promise rings

Weddings photo: Taylor Swift _ Bride and Groom starryeyedbride.gif

Planning already to settle down pretty soon? if so, why not getting your girl an couples promise rings while you are both waiting for the final day or wedding day? because these promise rings can serves loyalty and honestly to one another while waiting for you both to take the vow and walk the aisle. Actually, this is pretty much like couple rings but the difference was, you’ll just have to give it once, you guy, had already decided to settle down to the girl who makes you smile at the moment and the wedding to be follow afterwards.. I think, it’s does similar with engagement but not so like that..ehhe You may check out Google on how this promise rings works.

Traveler pro guitar

Are you a frequent traveler and at the same time music lover? if so, why not having yourself an traveler pro guitar as you travel. Because this kind of guitar is very handy and you can carry it on inside the plane without having a problem. So, this is the great musical instruments for everyone who wants still play their guitar while on-board. For more details about this tool. You may check out Google for the brands you could consider.

stainless steel drawer slides

Actually, when it comes to materials I really prefers these stainless made. Because they’d surely lasted for long time, plus, it is great metal as well that can surely support the thing it supposed to be use like. When in regards in kitchen, I love to have this stainless steel drawer slides because it is light to hand as well it is the most cheapest to have, in short, this is the most convenient and practical for you to have as you wanted to change your kitchen drawer handles.

Sponsored Video: Saving Children’s Lives

There are many worthwhile advocacies but the ones closest to me are those that involve helping a child. I am fond of children and they, more than anyone else in the world, should be protected from the harsh realities of life. Since they cannot take care of themselves, they are the ones who are most vulnerable, taken most advantage of, and easily abused and neglected. The love of a mother can only do so much in cases where young lives perish because of illness but nothing can be done because the mother is uneducated and ignorant about health matters. This is a disheartening reality that all of us must face and help to overcome.

In connection with its new campaign, Lifebuoy released a video showing a young mother named Utari who lives in a small Indonesian village who regularly visits a tree and makes a big fuss about this tree. It turns out that in that village, a tree is planted for every child who is born. But Utari’s son died before he turned five so she has no one to take care of but the tree. Many children especially in remote rural villages suffer the same fate as Utari’s son. They usually die of diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malnutrition.

Child deaths, unfortunately, is a normal incidence in many poor countries. It is shocking that in these countries, children are ten times more likely to die before the age of five. Nearly 9 million children under the age of five die every year according to a research conducted by the United Nations. In many countries in Africa, it has been estimated that every minute eight under-five children die and around 70% are because of diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malnutrition, and malaria. These diseases are avoidable and can be easily remedied.

The easiest way to prevent these diseases, more specifically diarrhoea, is to wash one’s hands. Lifebuoy’s mission is to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday, and this is by stopping the spread of preventable diseases which takes the lives of 5,000 children under five every day, through hand washing. Last year, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits among the residents, the incidence of diarrhoea was minimized from 36% to 5%. This year, they will bring their campaign to Bitobe, Indonesia. Let us help Lifebuoy with their campaign by sharing Utari’s video on any of our social networking sites with hashtag #helpachildreach5. You may check Lifebuoy website for more details or follow them to their social channels : Facebook,Twitter and YouTube for you to update yourself on this advocacy campaign. Please, let’s help this video to go viral..

Sponsored By : Lifebuoy


 photo penfield-the-coldest-day-lookbook-01-300x450_zps78b44b49.jpg

 photo penfield-the-coldest-day-lookbook-02-300x450_zps7191e43f.jpg

Penfield unveils its collection of Fall/Winter 2014 look book consisting of high quality and stylish clothes for both men and women. In this collection, are various casual shorts suits which are available in different colors and designs. They are light and warm for casual wear. They are well matched with brown leather shoes which are also of very high quality and made from original high quality leather. Stylish nylon jackets are also among the collection. They are available in different colors and designs and are of very high quality.

They are made from high quality nylon material and have a thick inner lining which makes the jacket warm and comfortable. Various high quality shirts are also available. They come in different designs and colors. They are available in casual wear and in short sleeve. They are matched very well with the jackets and trousers. Very stylish and high quality women wear are also among the collection. Casual shorts and t-shirts of various designs and colors are available. The shorts come in different designs.

They are made from high quality woolen fabric and appear in many different beautiful colors. Casual trousers for ladies are also available in different colors and designs. They are all casual and match very well with the t-shirts and blouses. All these collection are of very high quality, they are smart, stylish and appear gorgeous.

Goyard “Artist Trunk” by Ryan Montoya

 photo ryan-montoya-goyard-artist-trunk-1_zpsaa43741a.jpg

The artist trunk was designed and unveiled by Ryan Montoya. The trunk is a taste of the French luxury brand’s work. The trunk is one of the best unique and luxurious travelling trunks in the market. The trunk was designed and crafted by highly skilled and specialized craftsmen. It is a unique designed customized trunk with many drawers, many compartments and a drawing board. The trunk is composed of many different colors.

The inner lining is yellow in color mixed with blue Goyardine lined portfolio which covers 11×17 inches in length with vellum Bristol artworks. The trunk is meticulously and professionally finished with a golden Goyard tag plate and a silver name plate with Montoya’s name engraved on it. The trunk is made of very tough and durable leather material. It is beautifully finished with pieces of beautiful silver metals at the corners and the sides to make it more secure and unique.

The trunk also has various handles all over to ensure ease in lifting or carrying. The inner part is composed of unique partitioning with beautiful yellow color. The compartments are numerous and used for keeping files and documents. Side drawers are also available and they appear unique and stylish. The compartments are portable and removable and are numerous. The trunk is suitable for travel and can be able to carry a lot of various types of luggage.

adidas Originals ZX 710 – Spring 2014 Colors

 photo adidas-originals-zx-710-spring-2014-colors-01_zpsc2ba8b71.jpg

Adidas unveils an improved version of its adds   2×710 model which was first introduced into the market in 1984. It comes improved and is available in different beautiful and stylish colors. It is made from the best quality nylon mesh. This makes it tough, durable and smart. It is also made of suede trims and has TPU stripes on the upper.

This makes the shoe look unique and stylish. The sole is made of very tough rubber material which makes it durable and suitable for rough road, jogging, playing various games or even just general running. It has a unique feature of the split tooling of the Dillinger webbing on the fore food and also has an exaggerated Eva heel piece in the heel which makes the shoe look very stylish and unique. The shoe comes with matching beautiful laces which are tough and durable.

They make the shoe secure and look smart and stylish. The upper is made of high quality nylon while the heel and the lower parts are made from original leather fabric. It has an inner sole which is thick, very soft and comfortable. The inner sole is made of thick woolen material, the shoe is best suitable for running, jogging, playing games and even as casual wear. It matches very well with casual trousers and t-shirts or sweat shirts. The different colors make the shoe one of the best and stylish adidas collections.

Cheap brochure printing

Every business needs to have an brochure printed. Because in this way, they can sort off their items, plus, consumers who are checking the brochure can easily check on what specifically items that they are looking for. For example, girls wanted to see sort of cutie shorts short, they can probably see on these pages where this items were listed through the brochure. Got what I mean?

So – if you had an business I encourage you to get this cheap brochure printing for you to have an easy task’s done. I am telling you! this is a must have as you wanted your business grow too fast..

Why the Omega Speedmaster May Be the Ultimate Watch

 photo WATCHBUYERS-12-1_zps194230b0.jpg

There is an endless debate among watch lovers that stems from our cultural obsession to name a ‘best of’ anything or to label something as the ‘ultimate’ expression of whatever. We like the greatest example of this and the ultimate example of that. We like wood wedding rings because they are beautiful, eco-friendly, and perhaps the ultimate expression of socially-responsible consumer consumption you can put on your finger. Speaking of which brings us to perhaps the most defensible, socially-responsible choice among luxury watches—The Omega Speedmaster Professional. One could argue that any watch that was the first watch worn on the Moon and that is still flight qualified by NASA is no mere rich man or woman’s bauble. (Worth noting: the Speedmaster is still the only watch qualified for EVA, or extra-vehicular activity—space walking.) It’s an icon of performance, the perfect example of function over form. It may be the ultimate watch.

An Incomparable History

Every watch collector knows the Speedmaster bested stiff competition (including Rolex) in a series of grueling NASA tests in the mid-1960s to become the standard issue astronaut chronograph watch. (A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch function.) Not as well known today is NASA caught a lot of Congressional flack for making such an “unpatriotic” choice. American watch companies weren’t pleased to see a Swiss watch on the wrist of Apollo 11’s Buzz Aldrin as he walked around on the surface of the Moon in 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first man to Moon walk, but his Speedmaster stayed in the Lunar Module as a backup timing device for the craft’s electronic computer clocks. That was a wise precaution as Apollo 13 astronauts found out several years later. They were forced to use a Speedmaster to time their re-entry to Earth after an epic electronics failure. What of the Congressional pressure on NASA? The Speedmaster prevailed in a second round of testing in 1972, too.

The Speedmaster Professional Today

Happily, you can still buy a nearly identical-to-the-original Moon watch Speedmaster, reference 3570.50, aka “The Moon Watch.” The Moon Watch is still manual wind and still has a hesalite (high-tech plastic) crystal. The hesalite crystal makes sense for a hard-use watch. Although it might scratch rather easily (the scratches are easily polished out), it is shatter proof—unlike the sapphire crystals found on other high-end watches. This is a great example of the Speedmaster being a “function over form” watch. NASA didn’t pick it because it was pretty. It’s just a nice coincidence that it is also very handsome. Collectors love the fact you can buy a watch today that looks basically identical to the one sold in 1969. It’s an instant retro watch. It is also perhaps one of the best “bang for the buck” high-end watches available. Pre-owned examples are plentiful and can often be had for very, very attractive prices. Add it all up, and it’s easy to see why for many aficionados, the Speedmaster remains the ultimate watch. If you don’t believe us, just ask NASA.

 photo WATCHBUYERS-12-2_zpsfd664278.jpg

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